Director of Culinary and Dining Operations Antonio Campolio Featured on The Boca Raton Observer

BOCA RATON, (Fla). October 31, 2023 – The official publication of the Clubs “Boca Raton Observer” highlighted the plans by The Polo Club for significant changes brought about by the series of renovations. The publication emphasized especially the Clubhouse since it is the heart of culinary outlets.

The renovation plans include creating multiple open spaces for more seating opportunities. Besides these, there are also plans to create an outdoor seating area with a terrace and lounge. All these renovations have been carefully considered in phases for minimal guest disruption and are expected to be completed by 2026.

The Director of Culinary and Dining Operations, Antonio Campolio, emphasized that the plans for renovations took two years of planning with special considerations to member preferences. “Ultimately, we aim to set trends here, not follow any.” He added, “That includes deploying cutting-edge hospitality technology as a part of our strategy.”

He shared that the dining preferences have been considered for a complete culinary rebranding. He exemplified two major restaurants, Steeplechase and The Crown Room, which is The Polo Club’s upscale restaurant. He said that the restaurants will continue to serve the best quality cuisines as they will benefit from expanded kitchens.

The renovation project includes modernizing all the restaurants to bring new and exciting dining and socializing opportunities for the members and visitors.

He also shared insights into another planned activity, the innovation of Vintage Roots, The Polo Farm. Here, the unused land will be purposed for farming, showcasing the Farm-to-Table concept. There will be organic production of various vegetables to add to restaurant servings.

“We plan to plant anything our chef desires -starting this season.” He noted that The Polo Club is already home to 200 fruiting trees.

“It is so exciting to be a part of this transformation – we can’t wait for the members to experience all that is in store.”

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